Pillow Placements Reveal

What Pillow Placements Reveal about Your Personality

Do you carefully arrange the pillows on your bed by size or style, or do you prefer a loose arrangement of wild colors and textures? Do you like your bed? (get more details about the comfortable  olee mattress here). See what your pillow placements reveal about your personality.

More than just a comfy place to lay your head, your pillows also bolster a layered transition between your headboard and your bedding. And while the purpose of scatter cushions on the bed may elude many men, for most women they are a necessity, jazzing up neutral bed linen with an injection of energy and personality and adding that finishing touch to your bedroom decor. With an endless variety of pillows and cushions in different combinations of shape, size, pattern and texture, your choice will influence the overall look of your bedroom, while expressing your style. 

Bedroom 1 

The look: Subtly sensuous 

Satin, sequins, and subtle patterns in dusty pink and jewel-toned purples create a luxurious feminine retreat perfect for the romantic at heart.

Personality type:  The romantic According to Shafeeka Dockrat, Research   Psychologist at the Tshwane University of   Technology, this whimsical bed layered with chunky knits and delicate details appeals to the senses, suggesting a person who bases their decisions on feelings rather than analysis. The arrangement is somewhat informal yet still balanced, much like the person behind this look. You probably enjoy a good old-fashioned romance novel, and your idea of a great day out is taking a stroll through a rose garden with your partner.   Your empathetic nature means friends often seek out your company for long chats. 

Bedroom 2 

The look: Structured minimalist 

More structured and calm than frilly and cluttered, this pared down, the almost monastic look has careful accents of black adding a   masculine edge, while the simplicity of the space provides a peaceful setting in which to reflect, making it the ideal setting for a   philosopher type. 

Personality type:  The Rationalist 

The person who lays their head on these pillows is more concerned with function than form, living more in the head than in the heart. Much like the austere nature of this bed, thinking people often appear to be unapproachable and detached. They are,   however, a great source if you are looking for an objective opinion, as they prefer to weigh-up all reasonable options before coming to a logical conclusion. 

Bedroom 3 

The look: Boho chic Do you love an exuberant array of loud colors and bold patterns but couldn’t be bothered to prop your pillows up precisely,   instead casually throwing them onto your bed? Then you are probably a bit of a gypsy at heart easygoing and adventurous,   making spur of the moment decisions. Your family probably loves your wildish ways, when you’ll settle down. 

Personality type:  The free spirit Shafeeka explains that unashamedly random placement of cushions suggests a lack of structure in one’s life, but this is made up for with high levels of intuition and being open to new opportunities. The large prints reveal a person less concerned with detail and more focused on the bigger picture. Bold colours mean you’re probably the soul of the party, always first (and last)   on the dancefloor. 

Bedroom 4 

The look:  Formally neutral 

The straight lines of the headboard are an extension of the formality of the cushions, yet the plush feather-filled duvet makes it still inviting. A neutral palette in muted tones of beige and gray creates an elegant, tailored look that indicates someone who makes considered decisions rather than acting spontaneously. 

Personality type:  The Sophisticate 

If you like your cushions covered in beautiful fabrics and stacked symmetrically, you are probably well organized and orderly, paying particular attention to detail and quality. You know what you want and won’t have it any other way, as order makes you feel calm and ready to tackle whatever lies ahead.