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Unite DC is a coalition of District residents, local businesses and labor unions that support the plan for a new multi-use stadium at Buzzard Point, in the District of Columbia. Soon the D.C. Council will have an opportunity to vote on the proposed plan and make it a reality.

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Ben Jealous, partner at Kapor Capital and former President and CEO of the NAACP talks about the new Soccer Stadium for D.C. United

Great information exchange on the soccer stadium proposal with the Ward 6 community!

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  • "I believe we can make the soccer stadium a success"
    — Kojo Nnamdi Show 8/30/13

    Councilmember Jack Evans Ward 2

  • [I'm a] "big supporter of the #DCU stadium..."
    — Twitter 8/30/13

    Councilmember Tommy Wells Ward 6

  • [I am] "thoroughly, 100 percent, 1,000 percent supportive of" of the stadium deal. — The City Paper 8/7/13

    Councilmember Marion Barry Ward 8

  • "This is an exciting plan that moves the District forward in two areas about which I'm passionate — economic development, particularly in the East End of the District, and sports," said Mayor Gray. — Press release 7/25/13

    Mayor Vincent Gray

  • "We look forward to working with the city to build a new home for DC United. Most importantly this provides a needed pipeline to a career for District residents in the construction industry." — Press release 9/10/13

    Vance Ayres Former Executive Secretary-Treasurer of the Washington DC Building & Construction Trades Council

  • "The winningest franchise in Major League Soccer will be staying right here in the nation's capital..." — dcist 7/25/13

    Mayor Vincent Gray

  • "The stadium is a unique way for the city to get some of the things we need to continue growth and development." — dcist 7/25/13

    Councilmember Anita Bonds (D-At Large)

  • "It creates an interesting synergy between the two stadiums and brands that area as a sports destination," Stevens said. "We always envisioned Buzzard Point being a very active and robust portion of development." — Washington Business Journal 7/26/13

    Michael Stevens President of Capital Riverfront BID

  • "It's going to drive our culture and our fans and our team to new heights. There's going to be a pep in everyone's step in the locker room." — AP 7/25/13

    Ben Olsen D.C. United Head Coach

  • "In order for this to work we need to put D.C. residents to work..." — Washington Times 9/11/13

    Jason Levien D.C. United Managing General Partner

  • "It's not about soccer," Barry said. "It's about development, it's about re-energizing Ward 8." — Washington Times 7/25/13

    Councilmember Marion Barry Ward 8

  • "We're creating a better future for this ward — it's a great economic opportunity," Levien said. "We're creating a home for our fans and our organization that I'm proud of as the growth of soccer just explodes around this country." — Washington Times 7/25/13

    Jason Levien D.C. United Managing General Partner

  • "Today's announcement, illustrates the forward looking vision by DC United and the District of Columbia government...to providing a respectable standard of living to DC construction workers and affording structured career training opportunities for other DC residents."

    Brent Booker Secretary-treasurer of North America's Building Trades Unions

  • "The new stadium further solidifies our Anacostia Waterfront as a center for sports and culture — bridging our communities and bringing our city closer together."

    Councilmember Tommy Wells Ward 6

  • "It's going to be just fantastic. I'm excited about all of these employees coming to Ward 8."

    Councilmember Marion Barry Ward 8

  • "D.C. United has represented D.C. so well, bringing home 13 trophies to the District over the last 18 years. A world class championship team, playing the world's most popular sport, in a world class city deserves its own new stadium. I support D.C. United in building a new stadium in D.C."

    Nizam B. Ali Owner Ben's Chili Bowl and Ben's Next Door

  • "This is the continuation of great planning and strategic land use for the District. It not only offers an exciting new state of the art stadium at Buzzard Point but also includes an excellent opportunity to create jobs and stimulate economic growth in ward 8 with the construction of the new Reeves Center."

    Stan Jackson President & CEO, Anacostia Economic Development Corporation

Learn More About The Stadium Proposal.

Below are some important facts about the plan for the proposed stadium. Click on each question to learn more about how the project will benefit District taxpayers and local businesses.

  • What are the details of the proposed stadium plan?

    D.C. United will build a new 20,000-25,000-seat soccer stadium in the Buzzard Point area of Southwest. The new stadium plan will not only continue the transformation of the Anacostia waterfront, it also includes mixed-use redevelopment projects at other locations around the city which will result in additional job creation and economic benefits for the District.

    Similar to the highly successful Verizon Center agreement, under this package, D.C. United will be responsible for privately financing and constructing the $150 million stadium while the District will be responsible for assembling the land and preparing it for development (street lights, sidewalks, curbs etc.).

    The new stadium will be located next to the Fort McNair Army base and will be bound by Second Street SW and Half Street, between R and T Streets SW.

  • How much tax revenue & economic activity will be generated?

    The plan will generate $2.3 billion in economic activity over 30 years and net $265 million to the District's bottom line in the same time period. This revenue could be used for priorities such as education, affordable housing and public safety.

  • How many jobs will the project create?

    The plan will create 2,471 total jobs: 1,756 construction jobs and 715 permanent positions. A project labor agreement (PLA) has been signed with labor organizations that will ensure DC residents get first priority for construction jobs.

  • Who is paying for construction of the stadium?

    D.C. United is paying all costs for the construction of the stadium using private funds. It is currently estimated at $150 million, and the team will be responsible for any cost overruns experienced during the construction of the project.

    The District will be responsible for assembling the land for the stadium and preparing it for development (street lights, sidewalks, curbs, etc.). The District's commitment to the project for this work is capped at $150 million, and a portion of these costs will be financed by selling one or more District owned properties to the current owners of the stadium site.

    The City will sell Frank D. Reeves Center for Municipal Affairs, located at 14th and U Streets, and relocate the jobs to a new 300,000 square foot office and retail building in Anacostia, near the intersection of Martin Luther King, Jr. Avenue and Good Hope Road SE.

  • What other uses will the facility serve?

    The new stadium will host more than fifty events each year and host many other uses besides professional soccer. It will be utilized for headline concerts, cultural events, school-age sports, college soccer, football, lacrosse, and more.

  • Who will own the land?

    The District will own the land indefinitely and lease it to the team for the term of the lease. At the end of the lease, the District will own the land and all improvements on it. Assuming that land values in the District of Columbia continue to grow at 7% per year (comparable to land value growth in other parts of the city over the past 30 years), the stadium site will likely be worth more than $700 million at the end of the lease. It will be worth far more if private development occurs around the stadium site, similar to what has happened around the Verizon Center and Nationals Ballpark.

  • Is the District being paid market value for the land it is selling?

    The District will sell one or more parcels of city-owned land to help finance the purchase of the stadium site. The District will be paid 100% of the fair market value of all such parcels through a combination of land and cash. Three expert appraisal firms with decades of experience doing commercial real estate appraisals in Washington, DC, independently determined both the value of the land the District is selling as well as the land the District is buying for the stadium site.

  • Will there be a tax increase or city debt incurred to pay for the stadium?

    No. The project will result in no new taxes on District residents or businesses and will require no new debt to be incurred by the City.

  • How else does the District benefit from this proposal?

    In addition to the $385 million in new tax revenue generated by the plan, the District will be one of the few cities in the country to have an urban multi-purpose stadium as an added cultural anchor within the city. With Nationals Ballpark, the new stadium will create an exciting new sports and entertainment district and will be an important stimulus to Buzzard Point, an area capable of accommodating over 10 million square feet of private development in the coming decades. The project accelerates a new mixed-use development in Ward 1 that will add to the vitality of the historic 14th and U Street corridors. It will also bring over 800 employees and economic activity to a new commercial office and retail development on District owned land in Ward 8.

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